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forme - shape, figure

le contour du corps humain - the outline of the human body

About Section
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Inspired by MOVEMENT,
breath and THE HUMAN “FORME”

At Forme, we believe that prioritising your well-being is essential to a fulfilling life. Our aim is to inspire you to allow yourself to find a new sense of pleasure in self care treatments, rituals and routines.



Our focus at forme is lymphatic drainage and facial sculpting treatments. Discover our treatment menu and let us take you on a luxury sensory journey, having you leave feeling like you're floating on a cloud.


A series of workshops created for the health conscious and contemporary individual. Designed to educate you on daily rituals to add to your regime, inspiring you to prioritise your well-being and to allow yourself to find a new sense of pleasure in your self-care routine. Each workshop will incorporate a mix of breath work, movement and meditation techniques partnered with demonstrations on how to perform a self lymphatic drainage and sculpting massage techniques. 

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